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The Well Travelled Road

by Andy Mitchell

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Plus...Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Drums,
Bass, Keyboards, Album Art Design, Engineering.
Recorded at :: Bexley Drive, Middlesbrough, UK
Photography :: Garmonique & Craig Jessup


released November 27, 2010



all rights reserved
Track Name: Moon In The Night
I say goodbye, but don't expect to leave,
you say 'little man, it's time to believe'.
But I swore our life was a moon in the night,
it's bright, and it's dark,
but it's always coming back...

Singing...La la lalala, la la la
Singing...La la lalala, la la la

And I love you more than I can say,
I want to feel you feel the same way.
Cause I love you more than I can say,
but I don't feel you feel the same way.

I hope my pain catches up to you,
some right, a lot of wrong, but it's all I can do

Singing...La la lalala, la la la
Singing...La la lalala, la la la

Track Name: Stepping Stone
Hard times are on the way,
cause she ain't the air that's in my lungs.
I watched our life go down the stream,
until it washed me clean...

So I am not the man you thought,
I am just a stepping stone..
screaming, screaming, screaming, come back

Now I'm stuck in my head,
replaying the time we shared.
I won't forget you anytime soon..
feels like you forgot me that afternoon

Track Name: This Is All
She shoots me a smile,
the little things that make the day worthwhile,
don't mean a thing any more...
I think she lost her way and fell behind,
And she's changing her mind.

I could try to fit in
new clothes, new hair, new everything
but you'd still be lying there,
while your dulcet tones fill up the air...
with something else I've done wrong.

I don't need you,
Telling me what to do

This is all I got,
This is all I got,
This is all I got,
This is all I got,
Yeaaaah, yeaaaah
Yeaaaah, yeaaaah
Track Name: Hold My Breath
(Please don't go, please don't leave me now...
Please don't go, please don't leave me now...)

I let it in and it let me down,
I'm weak to turn it around.
Reaching out to communicate,
but with every word I know its too late.

I bite my tongue,
but that won't get it done
I hold my breath,
but there's just nothing left

Direction is a brave man's chore,
well I'm not a loser hiding no more.
When the lights are out and you cant close your eyes,
I'll be the thought you can't disguise.


We'll find a way, we'll find a way somehow
Please don't go
Please don't leave me now
Track Name: We Cracked
Wear and tear, no heart to spare,
You sink and swim, alone.
Pick and choose, the truth for a ruse,
You sold a good one this time.

Well you want to win,
But what are you fighting for?
When theres nothing on the line
Was it so hard for you to be mine?

I would just crawl back,
time upon time until we cracked
I guess we cracked...

I could give in, but it won't mean a thing,
when you just walk away on me.
Its so easy, you don't break a stride,
just drop the bomb and move on with your life.


But I miss you so much...
Track Name: For You
I'm sorry I fucked up,
threw away your heart,
now I'm torn apart, inside..

And the smile that was upon your face,
is replaced with tears cause of me,
but you are the one I love.

I wish, I could give you it all,
a beautiful life that you dream of..
but my best wasn't good enough.

And time is all that's left,
the rest just what could have been..
if I wasn't such a lonely soul.

But you are the one I love...
But you are the one I love...
Track Name: Rescue Me
I see the lights are up ahead,
burning a hole right through the night,
that's the town that found my heart,
those are the streets that keep us apart.

So please rescue me,
These ideas refuse to leave,
it's eating away, oooh ooh
so please rescue me.

The letters I wrote I'll write again,
a different stroke but the same pen,
you'll curse my name, what it became,
everyone leaves why wont you be the same


Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah

Track Name: Do You Even Know My Name
Those summer nights, when I barely knew your name,
saw you in the corner of my eye,
did you even know my name?

With kisses and lust in the rain,
you loved me when I couldn't love myself,
Do you even know my name?

The feel of your skin is a life away,
Like a stain on the bed I just fade away.
Was it love?...That you lost

The thunder cries, screams at your front door,
wish I was on the inside,
breathing by your side.

But wishing it won't make it true,
it's just something I have to endure,
to forget I knew your name.


Track Name: Immortal Beloved
Excerpt from Beethoven's July 6th love letter; 'Immortal Beloved':

"My heart, is full of so many things to say to you...but, there are moments when I feel that speech amounts to nothing at all. The God's must send us the rest, what for us must and shall be..."
Track Name: My Everything
I could've sworn, from the day I was born,
to the day you were gone...
that I had lived.

Because your eyes could amaze me,
and save me from the world.

I like that you care about yourself,
but you don't really care about me.
I like that you think about the future,
but you don't really think about me.

When you turn, when you go...
just know, you're my everything

All the love, all the pain, was just a big game...
wish I had known.
Instead I made a fool of myself,
and refused to let this go.


Ohhhh, Ohhhhhh
Ohhhh, Ohhhhhh
Track Name: Broken Homes
When I was just a little boy,
broken homes surround me.
I didn't know what to do,
with all the hate and the sorrow.
The only thought that I knew,
was this could not repeat...
But now that I've lost my love,
I see it's a one way street.